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I figured the first post should be a little about me. I’m 22 years old. Mama to 2 cats and 1 kitten. Memphis born and raised. I work in a family owned and operated business called Ladybugg Bakery and café where we make everything fresh and from scratch!

Coming from a strong Italian family, I was…

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Happy saturday! SO happy its the weekend (like always).

Today, after work i came home to my UNBEARABLY hot apartment. Which, also happens to be the same apartment where I don’t have Wi-Fi hooked up yet. (meh)

So, as i was sitting around bored out of my mind….I thought a nice air conditioned place with COFFEE and wifi sounded fantastic.

I decided on republic coffee on walnut grove in midtown. (Memphis).

I try to frequent this cozy coffee shop as often as I can. I absolutely love it all.

From the kind and helpful staff to the laid back atmosphere. They have a wide range of things to choose from like espressos to smoothies and a variety of flavored teas.

I sat for a while on my laptop and first ordered a smoothie. It had all kinds of fruit. (Of course i can’t remember the name) but it was great. On my way out I grabbed a soy, caramel latte. Equally delicious as my smoothie.

If you are in the Memphis area and are looking for some local coffee, I definitely recommend Republic coffee.
They are open everyday from 6 to midnight. They serve up a tasty brunch on Sunday, as well as lunch and breakfast everyday.

Thanks for reading.
Xo, Chelsea

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Follow my FOOD BLOG for recipes and reviews on local restaurants and coffee shops ❤❤❤🍴🍕🍵☕🍜

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I’m in love with this apartment.


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